Best Potato Salad

Best Potato Salad

  In high school, looking good and dressing to fit in consumed my friends and me in ways we could only understand with the passage of time. Conformity, and being part of the right group was foolishly important to us. Along with that came beauty products: Dippity-do hair gel, fat hair curlers, bonnet-style hair dryers, […]

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

I wondered what movies these young women had seen that conjured up images of ladies in aprons, so I asked.

Weekly Cooking Column

Weekly Cooking Column

I was a private cook when I was nineteen, I’ve catered parties, including making vats of Macaroni and Cheese for the Williams College Basketball Team. 

Architectural Afterlife

Preserving History Of Abandoned And Forgotten Places

Leon R.M. Auguste

Creative Writer who Thinks & Dreams in Realism

Verba Mea

Comments and offerings

The Beaver Lake Library

Where we love dogs, read books, and talk Kentucky politics.

Moore Genealogy

Fun With Genealogy

Star In Her Eye

raising a rare girl

Writing and Illustrating

Sharing Information About Writing and Illustrating for Children

Sentence first

An Irishman's blog about the English language.

Obscure Vermont

Weirdness, Esoterica and Forsaken Places in and around Vermont


My name is Missi and I read and review all books and share my thoughts here.

Kenyan Library

Life in the pages :) Literature Obsessed, Lover of Art & Photography... Say Hi and Stick Around.

Heartstring Eulogies

Conjured by Sarah Doughty

Deidra Alexander's Blog

I have people to kill, lives to ruin, plagues to bring, and worlds to destroy. I am not the Angel of Death. I'm a fiction writer.


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